The answer to a bad week? “Bliss” balls.

A couple of tiring days at work left me feeling like a tasty sweet treat. Trying to eat more healthy, I decided to try my hand at some new bliss ball recipes. The one listed below was exactly what I was looking for – silky smooth, delicious and (most of all) easy to make!


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Cafe-Style Bircher Muesli

IMG_1259I recently spent a week travelling around Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road. If you haven’t visited this part of the world yet, it is definitely a region to add to your bucket list! While holidaying, we were eating out for most meals. On almost every breakfast menu we came across, we spotted the ever-faithful Bircher Muesli. I loved seeing the different flavour combinations added, and it inspired me to create a simple, cafe-style Bircher to quickly whip up at home. Keep reading for one of the easiest, and most delicious, Birchers you’ll find (pictured).
Happy Baking L x

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What’s for dinner? An easy way to use up items in the fridge.

Thursday night came around and there were only a few days left before I went on holiday. Packing was almost done, Christmas gift shopping was completed, but my fridge was full of odd ingredients after trying to use up most items before I went away. What do you make for dinner using a handful of odd ingredients? To be specific, these ingredients included half a leftover BBQ chicken, part of a block of parmesan cheese, some veggies and an open bottle of white wine. My go-to in these situations is risotto. Add some frozen peas from the freezer and Arborio rice and you have yourself a dinner! There are so many variations you can make with risotto, and this easy base recipe is excellent – just add your own ingredients. These risottos are always a winner in my household, have a read of the “Hints & Tips” section below the recipe for some other combinations.  Happy Baking! L x

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