What’s for dinner? An easy way to use up items in the fridge.

Thursday night came around and there were only a few days left before I went on holiday. Packing was almost done, Christmas gift shopping was completed, but my fridge was full of odd ingredients after trying to use up most items before I went away. What do you make for dinner using a handful of odd ingredients? To be specific, these ingredients included half a leftover BBQ chicken, part of a block of parmesan cheese, some veggies and an open bottle of white wine. My go-to in these situations is risotto. Add some frozen peas from the freezer and Arborio rice and you have yourself a dinner! There are so many variations you can make with risotto, and this easy base recipe is excellent – just add your own ingredients. These risottos are always a winner in my household, have a read of the “Hints & Tips” section below the recipe for some other combinations.  Happy Baking! L x

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3 impressive ways to use up leftover homemade pesto.

Have you tried my homemade basil pesto from the blog post on December 9? It is easy to make and simply tastes delicious! However, the recipe does yield quite a lot of pesto. Initially I used the pesto in a chicken, pesto & Parmesan pasta, but I still had a cup or two left over. Keep reading for three uses for pesto that are not only delicious and time efficient, they will impress your guests (or family) as well!

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Homemade Basil Pesto.

pesto.jpgDo you have a herb garden at home? When I first started my herb garden I chose basil, thyme and chives. In sunny Central Queensland, the basil grew extremely well and I began to have a surplus. A thought crossed my mind, what could I bake with fresh basil? At first I tried homemade pizza with tomato, basil and different cheeses however, these recipes didn’t use up all the basil I had growing. Then I realised I was using bottled pesto in my pasta dishes and thought I would give homemade pesto a try. After a few batches, I’ve tweaked the ratios to create my favourite pesto recipe – plus, who doesn’t love the smell of fresh basil pesto!

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November 27th – Mindful Monday.

“Happiness is Homemade” – Unknown.  

Salad 1

At a busy time of year, making tonight’s dinner became surprisingly therapeutic. I had some beetroot and pumpkin in the fridge and decided to try a few new twists on the average salad.  I found that cooking took my mind off distractions and I was enjoying creating food to feed others. This recipe was a winner and, once the groundwork was done, was easy to prepare (not to mention delicious!) Keep reading for my debut Roast Pumpkin, Beetroot and Pine Nut Salad. 

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