About Laura.

Who is Laura? 

I am a 24 year old with two favourite hobbies: playing sports and baking. As a teacher of Health & Physical Education, I am passionate about most sports (apologies to any cricket fans reading) including netball, touch football, volleyball and soccer. In my spare time I also like to explore new running tracks and bush walk.

My love of baking began early in my childhood, and was inspired by my very talented Grandma. She taught me to be patient and adventurous in the kitchen, and I am grateful to have the ability to recreate her recipes in my own kitchen. A few of my favourite recipes to make include pavlova, cheesecake and chocolate fudge.

Why the Sport of Baking?

How refreshing it is to set new goals, and to succeed by achieving these goals. In 2018, I would like to expand on my current baking repertoire by trying one new culinary skill each month. To keep me honest, I would like to share my experiences and favourite recipes with you.

I hope you continue to watch this space and find a recipe or two that inspires you!